Injured Running Work Errands? Get Compensated For Your Troubles

Your boss asked you to run a few errands during the workday and you were injured badly by another driver while doing the tasks, should you have to pay for the injury and damages? The answer is no, you shouldn't have to pay for any expenses related to an accident that happened on your employers time.

They asked you to go out and put yourself on the road during work hours, and now you are the one suffering in pain and getting flooded with bills. If you can't work, stress may be even higher. Here are a few reasons why you want to meet with a lawyer right away.

Get Workers Compensation

 You want workers compensation from your company to deal with the bills coming in now, and to supplement the income that you can't work for and need. The workers compensation should pay for your living expenses and normal bills that you have to pay, but there should be other money for medical bills and accident related expenses.

Get Medical and Auto Expenses Covered

Keep track of the medical expenses that you have paid since the moment the accident took place, and have your medical professionals predict the amount of continued treatment you may need. The lawyers can estimate how much that continued treatment is going to cost, and the employer should have to pay for those potential expenses as well. This number will be added into your settlement request.

Go for a Settlement

The burdens that you suffer aren't just financial, but mental and physical as well. In your settlement the lawyers will strive to get you compensation for all of the mental anguish and the physical struggles you've endeared because of the accident. The settlement amount will be based on your future potential to return to the workforce.

The lawyer will put the settlement together and talk with your employer or their legal team to see if they want to settle the issue and pay the money out of court. If they don't want to handle things out of court and they want to take the case in front of a local judge, your lawyer may add more to the settlement to cover the cost for your legal fees. If you were injured because your boss asked you to leave the building to do something, don't get stuck paying all the bills and don't let your employer take advantages of you. Contact a local lawyer, like Dennis Kenny Atty, for more help.