POV Cameras Can Protect You In A Personal Injury Case

A POV action camera should be necessary when you hop on your motorcycle. These mounted action cameras actively record your adventures and can be used as a preventative measure in the event of an accident. Often, motorcyclists are viewed as being dangerous drivers and using footage gathered from a mounted action camera can offer you credibility in a personal injury case. 

What A POV Camera Records

A POV action camera is a small recording device that can be attached to your motorcycle, helmet or anywhere else that's convenient. The best location to attach the camera is usually your helmet because the point of view from your helmet affords the best vantage point for the camera. Once you turn the camera on, it provides a constant stream of recorded footage until you turn it off. Often, this footage is used in vlogging, but more recently; these videos have been submitted as powerful evidence in personal injury cases.

How It Can Be Used In A Personal Injury Case

Typically, in personal injury cases, the evidence submitted includes pictures of the scene, skid marks and interviews with witnesses. Many times, interviews with witnesses can have biases based on the witnesses' impressions of the scene. These forms of evidence can be disputed in court, leading to lengthy legal battles. Having video footage from your point of view of an incident leaves very little up to interpretation.

When you have a recording device rolling every time you hit the road on your motorcycle, you afford yourself a certain amount of protection. The camera itself can't prevent an accident from happening. However, in the event of an accident it can clearly display the events that occurred in a way that's not easily debated.

In addition to increasing your case's credibility, mounted action camera footage can also help you snag the license number of a hit-and-run driver, record the exact road conditions, and help you snag footage of any potential witnesses in the area.

Consult Your Lawyer

If you have a recording from a mounted recording device, be sure to tell your lawyer right away. A lawyer (such as one from Stapleton Law Offices) will be able to review the footage and tell you how it may be interpreted by the court. Whether you are determined to be at fault, or not, the recording can be used to clear up the events of an accident. When there is less evidence to dispute, the personal injury claim process can go much more quickly. The more quickly a personal injury claim can be settled, the less pain and suffering there will be for all involved.