About Hiring A Lawyer For An Injury From An Auto Accident

Are you unhappy because a reckless driver injured your leg in when he or she crashed into your car? If the leg injury has drastically changed your life, you should not hesitate getting help from a lawyer and suing the other party. Discover in this article how a lawyer can prove that you deserve compensation for the trouble your injured leg is causing in your life.

What Goes On During the First Consultation with a Lawyer?

The first consultation is the time when the lawyer will hear you out to find out if you have a good argument for a personal injury lawsuit. He or she will ask a lot of questions, including what went down on the day of the auto accident. All of the information exchanged during the consultation is kept confidential, so be honest about any role that you may have had in the accident. For instance, let the lawyer know if you briefly took your eyes off the road at right before your car was hit. It does not necessarily mean you will lose the case or even that you were in the wrong. If you leave out any vital details, your lawyer will not be able to properly prepare your case (which can harm your credibility in court).

What Happens When the Lawyer Begins Preparing the Case for Court?

The first thing that your lawyer may do during the preparation period is hire an investigator, unless he or she does the work without outside help. The area where your car was hit by the other party will have to be investigated so the lawyer can obtain evidence. He or she will try to find nearby buildings that are equipped with surveillance cameras, as it is a good way to see how the accident happened. Eye witnesses may also be located near the scene of the accident. Another part of preparation will involve the lawyer getting proof of your injury, how your life has changed, the accident report and a copy of your driving record (as well as the other party's).

Can an Injury Lawsuit Be Settled without Going to Court?

It is actually likely that your lawyer will try to settle the dispute out of court if the other party is okay with attending mediation. Settling a lawsuit outside of the court system is the most efficient way for you to get the money you are asking for. However, if mediation doesn't work out well, the lawyer will go ahead and file your lawsuit with the court. Talk to an injury lawyer like Modesitt Law Offices PC fast so your lawsuit can get started!