3 Reasons The Property Owner Is At Fault For A Slip And Fall Accident

Being injured during a slip and fall accident can be devastating for you. The medical costs to recover and the time lost from work are sure to take a toll on your financial situation.  The key to being able to receive reimbursement for these losses may rest in taking legal action against the property owner.  However, you will need to have a strong case to do so. Knowing some of the reasons this individual could be at fault for your injury may prove helpful to you.

Reason #1: Failure to maintain safe conditions

It's the legal responsibility of any owner to ensure the property is safe for any individual that enters the property. This means making certain the floors are stable and without any holes that could cause a fall.

The owner should additionally inspect the property on a routine basis and look for potential problem areas that may need repairing. The owner should take a close look at the flooring to help prevent potential accidents.

Reason #2: Not making repairs

If your accident could have been prevented by the owner making necessary repairs and these weren't done, this could allow you to take legal action. For instance, if the roof had been leaking on the building for some time and this led to a slippery floor that causes you to fall, this is the owner's fault.

Being negligent could have resulted in your slip and fall injury, and this is the fault of the property owner.

Reason #3: Causing the accident

If you tripped on items left on the floor that should have been removed that caused your accident, you might have a case. This is also true if the floors were wet and there weren't any warning signs letting you know this.

The flooring of any public facility should be cleared or have a sign that indicates potential danger when walking on them. Having the proper signage in place may have prevented your slip and fall from occurring because you may have been much more cautious if these were there.

The key to being compensated for your losses during this difficult time will rest in building a strong case against the property owner. You will need to be able to prove this individual was the cause of your accident. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your personal slip and fall lawyer to legally guide you through this process for optimal results.