4 Work-Related Office Injuries Not To Overlook

Injuries sustained while performing a construction-related or other physically demanding role is not the only scenario in which an employee can sustain work-related injuries. Injuries to an employee can occur in even the most unsuspecting places, such as an office environment. The reality is that injuries can occur anywhere that safety is not a consistent priority. 

1. Slipping Hazards

The lobby of an office building can be an especially dangerous zone if a company does not make an effort to keep the space clean. Particularly on a rainy day, if the building staff does not routinely mop the area or place slip-resistance rugs on the floor, it is easy for an employee to fall. Injuries from a slip-and-fall can range from a sprained ankle to something as severe as head trauma.

2. Poorly Maintained Facilities

Employers need to ensure that the entire building is maintained appropriately otherwise there can be significant safety concerns. Consider a metal stairwell that is in need of resurfacing, for example. If the railing has sharp areas along its surface, an employee may grasp the rail as they walk up or down the stairs and cut themselves. Depending on the site of the cut, they could sustain serious injuries that could impact their ability to use their hand.

3. Overlooked Ergonomics

An employer is not tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their staff can work in a state of superior comfort, but the office station setup should be safe. For instance, an employer that knowingly requires employees to work at stations that require them to strain to reach the computer is an issue. This unsafe condition can lead to muscle strain and an increased risk for carpal tunnel, both of which can limit a person's ability to work for a period of time.

4. Excess Clutter

An office environment should also be free of clutter. An overflowing storage closet or even a cramped office setup are just a couple of examples of clutter that can make navigating the space a challenge. Injuries related to clutter are similar to those that result from slipping hazards.

If you were injured at work, you may be entitled to compensation. All cases are different. The circumstances surrounding the injury, your prognosis, and a host of other factors will determine your eligibility. Be certain to speak to an attorney to learn more about your options.  

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